Each leaf is formed from a metal sheet folded origami-style.
These are evenly layered above each other, with each one inset by 4 cms.
The lowest leaf is fitted with 3 feet, taking the weight of the two upper parts. These fit together with a shaft built into a pivot mechanism. The two upper sections rotate around this to suit requirements, allowing for a wide freedom of choice in arrangement.
The leaves playfully interlock or open out, changing the shape of the shadows it casts, its surface space and its general volume. This creates a relationship with the space, and a variable structure,according to what is desired.

Material: Metal sheet 3 mm in thickness. Lacquered.


- closed : Length 115 x width 125 x  21/27/33 cm (height off three overlapping leaves).
- open : +/- 135 cm.  diameter



 Red 3020 Matt

 White 9016 Matt

 Blue 5017 Matt

 Green 6016 Matt