Terms of sale

Terms of sale


1 .Application field

These conditions of sale are concluded between, on the one hand, TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE AND MANAGEMENT SPRL abbreviated to "TAG" hereinafter under the commercial name "Mini Archi" and, secondly, by anyone wishing to command via www.miniarchi.com website, hereinafter "Buyer".


These Terms and Conditions govern all sales of products produced on the Site.
2 . Contact Mini Archi - identification of the seller

Private Limited Liability Company
Boulevard du Regent, 24 A, 23 bte
1000 Brussels
VAT: 0472.731.280
RPM Brussels
IBAN BE19068899091512   BIC GKCCBEBB
3 . Definition of Service and recipients

Service is defined as purchasing online service products offered on the website
e shop Mini Archi .

The products that are offered are intended for individuals acting in their capacity as consumers (that is to say, acquiring or using the products purchased through the Service for non-professional) (hereinafter or " Buyer ( s )"). Any incapacitated person, including within the meaning of section 1123 and following of the Civil Code, in no way can buy on this site.


Professional buyers are advised to make direct contact with Mini Archi at the following address: info@miniarchi.com.

4 . Conclusion of the contract and acceptance of the terms
The completion of the ordering process below describes contractually commits the Buyer , however Mini Archi is validly bound vis-à -vis the Purchaser that as sending a confirmation of acceptance of control and upon validation of actual payment by the service provider of electronic payment.

In case of payment by bank transfer, the buyer has a period of 7 working days to complete it. Failing payment within that period, Mini Archi is relieved of any obligation vis-à- vis the Buyer and the order is cancelled without it there for charges to be borne by the Buyer .

Without prejudice to the foregoing, Mini Archi is authorized at any time and without notice, to suspend the sale of products, change product mix or change the price range of its products, provided that such modifications will have no impact on previously accepted by the Mini Archi orders.

By completing and submitting the order form, Buyer agrees unreservedly these Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer presented on the website.

5 . Process of ordering
Buyer travels the web store website Mini Archi .
It selects one or more products it wants to acquire.
After the step of selecting products, the Buyer clicks on the "shopping cart " icon and is informed of the delivery method proposed by Mini Archi .
All orders are considered final after successive steps mentioned below.
Each step is successively crossed by the "click" an icon of confirmation "continue to the next step." If Buyer wishes to amend a part of his command, click the "Cancel" icon. During the last confirmation, the Buyer undertakes contract.

a. Order Details (screen "My Basket" )

A web page containing the details of the order (overview of the order) by the Purchaser is given to it for confirmation .
The details of the order include: the amount and the name of the products ordered, the unit price of each product and the total price of the order VAT included.
If Buyer wishes to amend or correct his order, he clicks on the icon " remove " then " update cart ".
If the Purchaser wishes to pursue his command, click " Submit my order "

b . Identification (" Check out " screen )

The web page summarizes the price ( excluding VAT and VAT), quantity and delivery charges .

The buyer brought his personal information, delivery address and billing .

The buyer has the option to enrol in the database Mini Archi to receive information about Mini Archi (newsletters), special promotions and discounts .

c . Delivery ( "Shipping " screen )

The buyer chooses the delivery method and indicates the contact person for delivery.

d. Order summary (" Review order" screen)

The screen gives the order and delivery costs , the coordinates of the buyer , including the delivery address and billing .

To move to the next step, the buyer must tab "I have read and accepted the conditions of sale" and click "Pay " box.

e. Choice of method of payment ( " payment" screen)

In this fourth stage, the buyer chooses a payment via PayPal or Buyer chooses a payment by bank transfer (offline payment).
Once the selection of the method of payment is made, the buyer continues to order by clicking on the "proceed with payment" icon.

At this stage , it is still possible to cancel the order by clicking the "Cancel" icon.
When the Buyer validates the payment, it is contractually.


6 . Confirmation Mini Archi and command execution
Buyer receives email confirmation of the order.
This confirmation includes the order number , the date of placing the order , delivery address , details of the order including the total order price , including VAT , details of Mini Archi and conditions exercise the right of renunciation Buyer (only effective if order placed by a consumer) .

Mini Archi reserves the right to suspend or deny confirmation of the order in the following cases : (1) incomplete or incorrect order, (2) communication manifestly erroneous data , (3) refusal of authorization from the financial institution of the Purchaser and (4) non- confirmation of payment by web banking by the body responsible for the technical realization of the payment (Paypal ) .

7 . Offers, price and changes
Offers and prices are valid on the day of the consultation site Mini Archi .

They can be changed at any time, but these changes will not affect the obligations of the parties relating to orders previously confirmed by Mini Archi . Where applicable, any change in the Belgian VAT rates will be reflected immediately on the prices shown.

The prices quoted at the end of the ordering process are total prices and include, unless otherwise stated, the Belgian VAT and any administrative costs. They do not include shipping.

Prices are denominated in Euros.

8 . Availability
Product offerings Mini Archi are valid until they are visible on the site Mini Archi, within the limits of available stocks.

In case of temporary or permanent unavailability of a product, the Buyer is informed by the customer service can either cancel the order or accept a product similar to one he had ordered.
In case of refusal by the Purchaser of the proposed alternative , Mini Archi will refund all or part of the order , as it has been partially or undelivered .
In any event, Mini Archi can not be held liable for damages resulting from the temporary or permanent unavailability of a product.


9. Property - risks


The transfer of ownership of the product takes place only after full payment of the price of the product, regardless of its date of delivery. 


The transfer of risk takes place when the product is delivered to the Buyer. 


The date shown on the delivery document is a valid proof of the delivery date.


10 . Delivery

The geographical area for delivery of products via Mini Archi eshop this is as follows: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain (mainland), Estonia, France (mainland), Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal , United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland.


For the islands and the rest of the world, the buyer is advised to contact the customer service for Mini Archi receive a quote.

The customer is responsible for checking the condition of the goods delivered upon receipt and, if possible, in the presence of the carrier. Where there is any doubt about the condition or contents of the order, the customer must refuse the good . Refused any product must be returned to the carrier as a whole and in its original packaging.

Incorrect shipping addresses are the responsibility of the customer and may result in additional charges. In case of errors in the recipient's address, Mini Archi can in no way be held responsible for failure to deliver the products ordered.

For deliveries outside of Belgium, the customer agrees to pay all taxes due on the importation of goods , customs duty, value added tax and other taxes payable under the laws of the country receiving order.

11 . Billing
Mini Archi not issue invoices within the meaning of the VAT legislation that provided that the Purchaser has a VAT number or business and provided he introduces his VAT number , or if n ' not have one, its business number in the field provided for this purpose during the ordering process .

Buyer may mention a billing address different from the delivery address of the order.

A delivery is always attached to the products ordered on delivery

12 . Details of billing
The total order will be shipped after receipt of payment and within 15 days.

If, however , one or more product (s ) ordered ( s) fails to the delivery address provided within 15 days after order confirmation , it is up to the Buyer to liaise in a reasonable time with the Mini Archi Customer Service to check the status of his order.

In this case, the Buyer may cancel the order without compensation via e -mail or registered mail to the coordinates listed in Article 21 of these General Conditions .

13 . Nonconformity
All products offered through the Service are described in good faith and as accurately as possible. The images presented on the website Mini Archi however, have no contractual value.
Buyer is responsible for checking the content of the order upon receipt of the latter.

If the product received does not match the product Buyer ordered or if it is damaged , it is possible for the buyer to return to Mini Archi, within 14 days starting on the day of delivery , as detailed below.
Refused any product must be returned to the carrier as a whole and in its original packaging.

Mini Archi refund upon receipt of returned or products ( s), the total amount of the order in question , provided that the product or products concerned (s ) is ( are) in perfect condition does not correspond to the product the Buyer has ordered.
Mini Archi exchange the product or refund the amount of the order and any administrative costs, within 30 calendar days after receipt of the returned product.
After this 14-day period, the delivered products are not returnable or refundable.
Mini Archi however, reserves the right to refuse to reimburse the returned products when they are returned incomplete.

14 . Right of withdrawal
Pursuant to the Belgian Law of 6 April 2010 on market practices and consumer protection , Buyer who acts as a consumer (as defined in Article 3 ) has a period of 14 calendar days , from the day following the date of delivery of the order , to notify possibly to Mini Archi waives purchase. This right of cancellation does not belong to the Professional Buyer .
The notification of the waiver may be made ​​via e -mail or registered mail to the Customer Mini Archi whose details are mentioned in Article 21 Service .
The right of renunciation is subject to the Buyer returning the entire delivery within 3 working days after sending the e -mail or registered mail waiver.
Returned products must be shipped in the same condition, in their original packaging also in perfect condition, with all their accessories, manual and must be accompanied by their delivery notes.
In case of cancellation of an order, Mini Archi repay to the purchaser within 30 days of acceptance of the recovery, any sums already paid. The cost of returning the goods, however, are borne by the buyer .

Incomplete goods, damaged , damaged or soiled by the customer will not be repeated .

The buyer assumes full responsibility for the returns. The unstamped or underpaid items will be systematically refused and returned to sender.
For any questions regarding the terms of returns, the buyer can join Mini Archi via the contact form.

15 . Payment
Generally placed via the Service Orders are payable by PayPal via a secure server. When using a credit card authorization will be requested at the time of the order, your financial institution.
It is also possible to pay the order by simple bank transfer. In this case, the order will not be processed until payment is received on behalf of Mini Archi .
Anything done unilaterally by the Purchaser vis-à -vis the banking organization and to challenge a payment on our online store or any action by Buyer resulting in one way or another a temporary or permanent blocking of funds for Mini Archi ( i) de facto cancel the order processing and (ii) in case of treatment done already , de facto void any right of refund of the order or shipment of a consignment of replacement .
Mini Archi retains ownership of the goods sold until full payment.

16 . Intellectual property rights
Website Archi Mini and its contents are protected by copyright. It also contains materials protected under copyright of third party representations. Copy , translation, modification or distribution of all or part of this site and / or these representations , in any form whatsoever, is prohibited unless prior written consent of Mini Archi or such third parties, as the case .
Any reproduction, translation, modification or distribution , in whole or in part of the above is strictly prohibited. Any infringement of such intellectual property rights give rise to civil and criminal prosecution.

17 . Disclaimer
Mini Archi can not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages ( loss of business, loss of profits, loss of opportunity, ... ) whatsoever arising from the use of the Service, late delivery , non- compliant or non-delivery , the only compensation to which the Purchaser is entitled to be reimbursed undelivered products , defective or returned.

Mini Archi can not be held liable for breach of orders for in the following cases : in cases of force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike of postal services and means of transport and / or communications strike in case of flooding or fire in the event of non-receipt of a command that has its source in an error or negligence by the Buyer or a third party ( eg but not limited to , the introduction of an address delivery incomplete , incorrect or not allowing a correct distribution of the item, a box does not comply with regulations postal letters).

18 . Archiving
Contracts through the Service are archived by Mini Archi but are not accessible to third parties .

19 . Void and entirety

If one or more provisions of the General Conditions are held to be invalid or declared as such under any law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court , other provisions shall remain in full force and effect . The General Conditions and the order summary sent to the Purchaser a contractual form and constitute the entire contractual relationship between the Parties.

20 . Evidence

The records stored in computer systems Mini Archi under reasonable security conditions, will be considered proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties.

21 . Disputes
Any dispute concerning use of the Service and the application or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively governed by Belgian law. The courts of Brussels shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute.

22 . Customer Service and Claims
To track the order and / or have any questions or possible for the conformity of the products delivered under the Service claim, the Purchaser may contact:
Boulevard du Regent, 24 A, 23 bte
1000 Brussels
Phone : +32 484 81 16 59
email: info@miniarchi.com or via our contact form .

Transactional proposals that might be made for commercial purposes may in no circumstances be construed as a waiver of these Terms and Conditions .